Optus IV Surface / OPTUS IV D 2X35W HFI GRY E3 DSB IP23 L84


Data Sheet

Specially developed for use in laboratory environments. For 2 x 35W T16 lamp. Body in extruded powder coated titan grey. End caps in die-cast zinc, and louvre in anodised aluminium, Satinbrite. 5 pole piano key terminal block and cable clamp. Key holes c-c 1420mm.

Dimensions: 1509 x 165 x 61 mm
Total power: 74.5 W
Weight: 6 kg

  • Lamp position:STD - standard
  • Light Source:3 x T16 / 35W
  • Luminaire luminous flux*:3931 lm
  • Lamp luminous flux:1 x 495 lm
    2 x 3300 lm
  • Total emergency luminous flux:165.6 lm
  • Luminaire efficacy*:53 lm/W
  • Lamp efficacy:95 lm/W
  • Colour Rendering Index min.:80
  • Ballast:1x EM ST Tridonic EM 36 NiCd D PRO EZ
    1x HFI* Tridonic PCA T5 ECO lp
  • Luminaire input power*:74.5 W
  • Standby Power*:0.2 W
  • Charging power:9.5 W
  • Dimming:DALIDSI
  • Maintenance category:C - Closed Top Reflector




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