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  • Diffusalux

A range of curved profile linear fluorescent luminaires with clear or opal diffusers for surface or suspended mounting

  • Contrôle lumineux optimisé par un diffuseur prismatique incurvé
  • Montage en plafonnier, suspension ou sur caténaire
  • Toutes les versions sont équilibrées

Matériaux et finition

Body: white prepainted steel
End caps: polycarbonate
Diffuser: precision extruded clear prismatic or opal styrene (polycarbonate for emergency

Installation et montage

Cable entry holes (Ø21.5mm) in the centre of the back spine. Optional cable entry through each end cap. Fitting supplied with end cap sealing grommets and ‘quick-fix’ horseshoe sliding washers for direct screw fixing to surface. 5 x 2 x 2.5mm² piano key terminal block suitable for easy and quick looping.
UK: Standard BESA fixing possible.


To specify state:
High performance surface mounted fluorescent luminaire with curved opal/clear prismatic diffuser retained along its length, employing high frequency/emergency gear for single/twin T16 lamps for general interior lighting.
As Thorn Diffusalux.

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Diffusalux T16 (T5)

Description   TypeCulotPoids (kg)Code SAP
DIFFUSALUX 1X28W HF PS CL L000T5G53.4096206016
DIFFUSALUX 1X28W HF PS OP L000T5G53.4096206017
DIFFUSALUX 1X35W HF PS CL L000T5G54.2096206022
DIFFUSALUX 1X35W HF PS OP L000T5G54.2096206023
DIFFUSALUX 1X49W HF PS CL L000T5G54.2096206030
DIFFUSALUX 1X49W HF PS OP L000T5G54.2096206031
DIFFUSALUX 2X28W HF PS CL L000T5G53.6096206018
DIFFUSALUX 2X28W HF PS OP L000T5G53.6096206019
DIFFUSALUX 2X35W HF PS CL L000T5G54.4096206026
DIFFUSALUX 2X35W HF PS OP L000T5G54.4096206027
DIFFUSALUX 2X49W HF PS CL L000T5G54.4096206034
DIFFUSALUX 2X49W HF PS OP L000T5G54.4096206035

Diffusalux T16 (T5) Emergency